Mountain Leader First Aid Kit review

The lifesystems mountain leader first aid kit. Absolutely marvelous.This first aid kit is so good that it’s become our general purpose kit for all camps, hikes and holidays, for our scout Group and family. The kit contains pretty much everything that a competent first aider requires – standard scissors and field scissors, a proper pair of tweezers, different bandages, a clean mat, gauses, dressings, tapes and safety pins.

The kit is in a water resistant case which unzips and then folds in a Z-shape. Each section of the case is labelled for its main use – great in an emergency.

I’ve added some non-first aid items to the kit, such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. I’ve also supplemented the plasters with another whole pack of plasters.

I’ve had to use the kit on a couple of incidents whilst hiking – including the first time I used it. Much to the delight of the first casualty, I couldn’t open the zips because they had been secured with a zip cable. He found it most amusing though, which helped calm the situation a third of the way down Snowdon. The moral of the story is to open the kit before you first need it.

In conclusion, this is the best first aid kit I’ve owned. I have been considering consolidating a small first aid kit for our hikes, to make my backpack smaller and lighter, but I haven’t been brave enough to do so yet – and this is the best testament I can give to the Mountain Leader kit.

Ishbish rating

Hiking: 8/10 (quite bulky and not light, but comprehensive).

Camping: 10/10 (A great first aid kit for camping and all holidays)

Would I buy this with my own money? Yes.


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