Scarpa Ranger II GTX Active boots review

Scarpa Ranger II GTX Active boots - the most comfortable boots I've used
Scarpa Ranger II GTX Active boots – the most comfortable boots I’ve worn

Since the moment I first put them on, these are simply the most comfortable pair of footwear I’ve ever owned. It’s the equivalent to wrapping your feet in a new duvet – you can feel the boot all around the foot. These boots arrived supple, and didn’t need any wearing in.

I’ve worn the boots now for the three peaks (not in 24 hours) in addition to approximately 50 miles of hiking in all weathers. I also used the boots to climb Snowdon in the snow with some cheap crampons.

The boots have always remaining waterproof. I don’t suffer from cold feet – probably from several years of riding a motorbike through winters, so I can’t comment on the Scarpa’s thermal capabilities. Suffice to say I’ve never had cold feet in them.

During the summer my feet have sweated in them, but that’s par for the course of wearing thick leather boots in 20 degree plus weather.

The way I tie up my laces leaves the top of the boot quite loose, which makes the boots prone to small stones getting in. The answer is to use gaiters, or tie the boots differently.

After several expeditions and hikes, the laces are still in excellent condition – I’ve had laces snap far quicker than this on other boots.

The sole looks hardly worn for the amount I have worn the boots. Perhaps the rubber compound is hard, I’m not sure. The first sign of any fatigue seems to be the sole slightly moving away from the leather upper, on the front of one of the boots, but nothing causing any alarm.

I’ve been cleaning the boots with standard shoe polish and they look fine. They held out the snow without any problems, and on our recent South Downs hike they kept out the water after a day of walking in the rain.

If I had one wish with the boots, it’s for them to be about quarter of a size bigger. My little toe on my right foot feels squashed when descending hills. Not enough to get a blister, but after six hours of hiking, my little pinky feels less comfortable than my nine other digits. And that’s with sports socks or thin(ish) hiking socks. I tried the next bigger size when I first collected these boots but they were way too large, so I settled for these.

Ishbish rating

Hiking: 9/10 (really comfortable, warm and waterproof)

Camping: 10/10 (I wear these all day when camping)

Would I buy this with my own money? Yes. I did.

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