Leatherman Wingman review

Leatherman WIngman - lots of functionality, with a weight penalty
Leatherman WIngman – lots of functionality, with a weight penalty

I’ve grown up with Victorinox Swiss Army knives, although Ishai’s first penknife was a Leatherman – a generous present for his 11th birthday.

A Leatherman isn’t as comfortable to hold as a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, so still prefer the red knife. However my Victorinox has been getting blunter and blunter so we’ve been taking Ishai’s super-sharp Leatherman away with us recently despite the weight penalty when hiking.

I was sent a Leatherman Raptor recently to review. Thank you Leatherman. Unfortunately it weighs at least twice as much as my Victorinox, so I sent it to someone else to review.

One of the features I haven’t seen on a Leatherman before was a screwdriver with interchangeable bits (for different screw heads). The holder for the bits was two-thirds full of bits, so I can imagine returning from a camp wondering whether I’d lost any bits or not. The redeeming feature was the bit holder nicely slotted into the belt sheath.

It looked nice, with lots of features, but it never left our kitchen, and didn’t even have the chance to cut any rope. Or anything else.

So thank you to Leatherman, but please make your knives more comfortable and [a lot] lighter.

Ishbish rating

Hiking: 0/10 (too heavy)

Camping: 5/10 (sharp, but uncomfortable and the bit holder will leave you with nightmares of lost bits)

Would I buy this with my own money? No.

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