Leatherman Raptor review

Leatherman Raptor Scissors - be careful when folding them away
Leatherman Raptor Scissors – be careful when folding them away

Along with the Leatherman knife that we were asked to review recently, we received a strange pair of folding scissors from the US company.

I was travelling in the US with work, and called home. Now my wife, who isn’t usually excited about camping gadgets, had opened the Leatherman box, glanced over the knife and opened the scissors package.

She described over the phone how they folded and looked extremely sharp. She said she couldn’t imagine why anyone would want such a utility, but the rigid plastic belt holder looked nice.

As she was explaining the scissors she then went quiet.

“I… I can’t seem to fold them back up. Nope. Nope. I’ve tried a few things but I can’t do it.” She said on the phone most frustrated. This was coming from a woman who could erect any type of pram in 5 seconds a few years ago.

I didn’t think much more about this until I arrived home a few days later. I opened the Leatherman boxes and went straight for the scissors.

I opened them and they felt nice and weighed ‘about the right weight’ to be sturdy and not too heavy. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want foldable field medical scissors though. My Steripen mountain leader first aid kit contains a decent pair of scissors and if I removed them from the pack it wouldn’t make a substantial weight or size difference. Worse still, I’d probably forget to pack a pair of scissors if they weren’t already in the pack.

Here was a classic invention of something that doesn’t need to be invented.

I then tried to fold the scissors back up into the packaging. I tried a few different ways, including some permutations which left blades exposed. I tried one way which resulted in the blade cutting into the handle – and with a combination of a very sharp blade and my brute force, I managed to cut a sharp piece of plastic into the handle just where a forefinger would rest.

I gave up in frustration until my wife came home. She laughed at my struggles folding the scissors back up, and it still took her a few minutes to remember how she’d folded them.

The scissors went back in the box and I sent it on to another reviewer to rate them.

Ishbish rating

Hiking: 0/10 (simply gratuitous to pack/carry)

Camping: 2/10 (razor sharp, but better to rely on a sharp pair of scissors in the first aid kit)

Would I buy this with my own money? No.

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