Kilimanjaro Diary: The rainforest

Evening briefing - Kili
An evening briefing on Kilimanjaro

Today was lovely weather, good spirits – walking along singing, and wonderful, spectacular views.

Breakfast was about five courses – the first being porridge (that I don’t eat) and then more and more and more food.

It took a while to strike camp. Many people struggled to sleep in their tents. I didn’t have any problem sleeping – in fact I had the best night’s sleep for weeks

We walked through the rainforest at quite some pace and arrived at lunch 45 minutes early.

Day Two on Kilimanjaro and we're now at cloud level
Day Two on Kilimanjaro and we’re now at cloud level

Lunch was something else, and best described as colonial – imagine the scene of being at the same altitude as the clouds and finding a laid table with full cutlery and crockery. It was delicious – potato and leek soup followed by spaghetti.

There were some large birds overhead, which simply balanced in the wind – graceful to watch.

We set off slower after lunch and kept looking back at the stunning views.

The vegetation kept changing from large trees in the forest to becoming knee height shrubs by the end of the day.

In the mid-afternoon we stopped where our guides said we would have phone signal. I sent some texts to Mayrav including ones which I wrote yesterday but didn’t have enough signal to send.

I left the UK with the start of a cold. On the plane it became a sore throat and today I have been sneezing and blowing my nose all the time.

Most of the day was very warm. The last hour cooled down significantly (and very quickly). It also rained (light spitting) which was the first time I wore a long top – the rest had been in a t-shirt.

We arrived at Shiva One camp which is flat and covered in a fine dust. Dust is everywhere – within moments it was all over my rucksacks and inside our tent.

I looked at my finger nails and my hands are revolting.

And finally …..although I’ve peed about 10 times today (expected after drinking just under 5 litres). I still have not gone to the toilet for 3 days.

Let’s be clear with the exception of missing the kids and Mayrav, I am having the time of my life.

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