Our route along the South Downs Way

Comedy photo of reading a map next to a signpost
Comedy photo of reading a map next to a signpost

Some people have contacted me to ask for our precise route along the South Downs Way, including walks to and from train stations.

We covered the South Downs Way (from Winchester to Eastbourne) over four weekends, carrying our own tents, food and stoves. This meant we could only walk up 15 miles per day comfortably, stretching to 20 miles only if necessary

You might find our reviews of each of the camp sites along the South Downs Way useful with these routes.

15.9 miles – Day 1: Morn Hill to Sustainability Centre

9.9 miles – Day 2 – Sustainability Centre to Petersfield Railway Station

19.4 miles – Day 3 – Upper Parsonage Farm to Graffham Camping & Caravanning Club

10.6 miles: Day 4 – Graffham Camping & Caravanning Club to Amberley Station

16.2 miles: Day 5 – Houghton Farm, Amberley to Hillside Scout Campsite

17.1 miles: Day 6 – Hillside Scout Camp to Falmer Train Station

14.3 miles: Day 7 – Housedean Campsite to Pleasant Rise Farm, Alfriston

9.4 miles: Day 8 – Pleasant Rise Farm to Eastbourne Pier


You could also use this in conjunction with our reviews of the campsites along the South Downs Way.

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