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Hello. We are Bradley (the father) and Ishai (the son) – a father and son in London. We both enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. Friends started asking us how (and often, why) we do what we do, so we thought we’d create this website to share these thoughts and techniques with a wide audience.

It all started on a rainy summer holiday in Chester with the whole family. We went for a drive one day and drove past Snowdon. Ishai was 8 at the time and I asked if he wanted to climb it one day. He said yes, and we returned a few months later, and climbed it. We both loved every second of that day, and set a challenge for Ishai to walk the highest peaks in the UK by the time he turned 13.

By 13, he’d done all the peaks twice, and Snowdon a few more times.

Since then, we’ve done a lot more camping and hiking.


At the top of Snowdon during  Mountain Leader assessment
At the top of Snowdon during Mountain Leader assessment

I’ve always liked the outdoors. I’m a Scout leader and enjoy camping, whether it’s with the scouts, our family, friends – any excuse really.

I particularly enjoy training people in outdoor skills, and encouraging others to get outside more.

I also enjoy running, mountain biking on weekends, and I cycle at least 75 miles a week during my commute.

In 2014 I passed my summer mountain leader qualification, enabling me to lead scouts up Snowdon, one of my proudest achievements.

You can contact me on Twitter @bradbox.


Ishai, aged 9, on top of Snowdon - we've never managed to get this weather since!
Ishai, aged 9, on top of Snowdon – we’ve never managed to get this weather since!

I am 13 years old from north west London.

On weekends I go away with my dad and sometimes family and friends to climb mountains and walk very long hikes.

Nearly all the weekends that we’ve gone away, our destination has always been at least 3 hours away from our home in North West London so we have to find a way of getting to that place as quick as possible and this includes long car journeys and train journeys.

All of this happens after a long week at school or work.

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A father and son's journey of hiking and camping