The ideal packing list for climbing Snowdon

A backpack always seems to feel heavier with each day of hiking
A backpack always seems to feel heavier with each day of hiking

When we go to Snowdon this is the equipment list that I send to everyone.

The list changes a little depending on whether we’re camping or sleeping indoors, and the time of the year.

A good tip is to pack the rucksack you’ll be walking with while you’re still at home. And then leave it alone when you arrive.

When walking with children, it’s important to take more spare clothes so that they stay dry and not become miserable when damp.

Carrier bags are great for keeping kit dry (Ziplocks are even better, but more expensive), for litter, for storing the dirty clothes, and for covering muddy boots back in the car.

Black bags are great for keeping everything dry, and can turn into a 100% waterproof overcoat if the rain becomes torrential. I always carry a few spare of both.

Please comment below if you have other suggestions for kit.

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Pillow
  3. Roll mat
  4. In two separate rucksacks (a and b):
    1. Camping stuff
      1. Trousers, t-shirt and jumper to change into after school (leave this at the top of your rucksack so that you can get to it easily)
      2. Pyjamas (at the top of your rucksack under the clothes above, so it’s easy to find when we get to the campsite)
      3. Shorts
      4. Trousers
      5. 3 pairs of underwear
      6. 3 pairs of socks
      7. Wellies
      8. Trainers
      9. Toilet bag including tooth-brush
      10. Towel
      11. A black bag to put all this in, inside your rucksack
      12. A torch
      13. Two jumpers – one sweatshirt and one wool
    2. Walking stuff
      1. Rucksack
      2. Walking shoes
      3. 3 pairs of socks (to stay dry)
      4. Spare underwear
      5. Long trousers
      6. Waterproof jacket
      7. Woolly hat
      8. A cap
      9. Short sleeve t-shirt
      10. Spare short sleeve t-shirt
      11. Long sleeve t-shirt
      12. Jumper
      13. Jacket
      14. An empty black bag
      15. A carrier bag to keep your stuff separate from each other
      16. Gaiters

Combined stuff for the group:

  1. For the weekend:
    1. Playing cards
    2. Football
    3. Magazine or book
    4. iPods – fully charged
  2. For the walk:
    1. First aid kit
    2. Rope (depends)
    3. Map
    4. Compass
    5. Map holder
    6. Camera

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