The plan for this weekend’s #Microadventures

Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys - I can't wait to put this book into action
Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys – I can’t wait to put this book into action

Presumably, if you’re reading this blog, you like outdoor adventure. If you haven’t read Microadventures by Alastair Humphreys, go to the library or just order it from Amazon now.

Microadventures consist of a most-simple overnight stay in a field somewhere. No need for a tent – use a bivvy bag instead. No need for food – get dinner from a pub nearby and breakfast from a café nearby. With no food, it means no camping stove. Microadventures should be basic.

At this point people I’ve spoken to have a Marmite moment. You’re either wondering “COOL!” or “That sounds like a tramp – why would you do this?“. If you fall into the latter group, read another article on this site. I won’t be offended.I was given the book to review and was totally inspired and captivated from day one. I read the book cover to cover in three days. But the book asks doesn’t want to remain theoretical. It wants to be a practical guide – Humphreys constantly urges the reader to convert the stories into midweek stay-out-on-a-remote-hillside.

I have all the equipment, except for a bivvy bag. The bivvy bag sounds so raw, and Microadventures so short and intense that I thought let’s give it a go.

I went online in search of ex-Army bivvy bags. Ex-=Army ones are the most highly recommended ones by Humphreys and other bivvy users online.

Incidentally, bivvy bags can cost up to £300, which is more than I’ve ever spent on a tent let alone a bivvy bag. Anyway, I ended up finding some decent Grade One bivvy bags on GoArmy. (Grade One is the highest quality used army surplus).

I asked the kids who would be interested in the following Microadventure:

  • This coming Saturday night we’ll have dinner once it’s dark
  • We’ll go to the toilet (we won’t want to do this later)
  • We’ll each pack out rucksacks with a single set of very warm clothes, bivvy bag, sleeping bag, roll mat, water bottle and toothbrush
  • We’ll go to the toilet again
  • We’ll cycle 5 miles to a nearby field
  • We’ll lay out the bivvy bags
  • We’ll go to sleep
  • First thing in the morning, we’ll cycle home for breakfast

Ishai and Shelley said they’d be interested. I said it will be cold, very cold, and maybe a bit wet. They shrugged their shoulders.

My next concern was the bikes. Humphreys says it’s OK to leave them hidden from the road, but I am too nervous about my bike. So I tweeted to the #microadventure community:

So that answered my question about the bikes. As it happens, I only have a thick motorbike chain at home (I keep my D-lock at work all the time – it has literally never been home), and I’ve meant to buy a D-lock for my pub/ tube bike for a while, so I bought one at Sports Direct today for £7.99.

If the weather stays dry, we're going on our first #microadventure
If the weather stays dry, we’re going on our first #microadventure

Sleeping in a bivvy bag compared to a tent sounds like it can get a bit grim, so I have said to the kids that if it’s raining on Saturday night we’re not going. Taking the tents and associated paraphernalia for a single night on the bikes sounds too hard, so we’ll delay our #microadventure and we’ll think of something else.

So I’m hoping for dry weather.

I’ll let you know how we get on – I’ll ask Ishai to write the report afterwards.

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