Berghaus Men’s RG1 Shell Jacket long term review

Snowdon in the Snow
Snowdon in the Snow

Both my wife and I have used the Berghaus RG1 Shell Jacket for a couple of years now, and they are the best everyday waterproofs we’ve owned.

This is a waterproof top layer – there is no insulation, simply a fabric mesh inside. I prefer this – it means you can wear it for protection against a summer shower without overheating, and wear a fleece underneath during the winter.

The sizing is generous without being baggy, which makes a fleece or warm jumper underneath easier. The jacket is simple and basic (which will appeal to many).

There are two normal sized pockets and that’s it. The pockets come through to the inside mesh lining, and without any other inside lining I always make sure I don’t leave an open knife in the pocket or you’ll be left with a fatal hole until repaired.

The hood rolls up nicely, to make the jacket a bit neater, and whilst the hood doesn’t have a wire for shaping, pulling the drawstring makes it fit perfectly over my cap to completely cover my head.

The sleeves have a Velcro fastener at the cuff to stop any water leaking down the sleeve.

Howard kids top of Ben Nevis
Howard kids top of Ben Nevis

I’ve worn the waterproof on each of the three peaks in the last year and it hasn’t leaked. I wore it to a summer camp this year and it didn’t leak during six days of torrential downpours.

Usually, I use Nikwax wash-in re-proofer, but the last time we went to GoOutdoors, as always I forgot which of the Nickwax products we normally use (is it the green or the purple bottle?), and so I bought the Grangers 2 in 1 wash instead. The next time it rained, the RG1 was like new – water droplets on the surface simply ran off.

I thoroughly recommend the RG1 – and the Grangers 2 in 1 to compliment the jacket.

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