Film review: Everest

Everest the movie - will it inspire or scare you?
Everest the movie – will it inspire or scare you?

My Dad, Uncle, two sisters, cousin and I all went to the cinema to see the newly released film, Everest at Vue in Swiss cottage. Everyone was so excited and we didn’t know what to expect.

At the beginning of the film I thought that the story line made it very obvious that somebody was going to die by the way the climbers said goodbye to their families, I had a couple of ideas who it was going to be.

It was interesting seeing what type of equipment they brought and how they had planned the climb. It was very sad seeing how many people had died before they climbed Everest and actually realising how dangerous it is.

At the start of the climb it surprised me how excited they were and how confident they all were to climb the same mountain that people had died on. I liked it how some of the people had sort of a problem at the start of the climb as it made it a bit more exciting.

When they got to the Camp Four it was very thrilling and I couldn’t stop clinging onto my seat, it made the movie so much better how they kept switching between they climb, the people at base camp and the climber’s families as really got to see what every single person’s view of the climb and what their reactions would be. This film made me realise that there are so many more problems that could go wrong on Everest.

Some climbers got to the top before others which meant that at one-point people got left behind and bad things happened and that was very emotional and I felt for them as they saw people die in front of their faces.

At the end of the film it came up with the message “this film was based on a true story” and as soon as that message came up half the people watching were in tears including my cousin and both my sisters.

They only thing that was wrong about the film was that the props they used were modern and in 1996 the equipment they used were a bit less modernised.

As they say in mountaineering circles – the challenge isn’t getting to the top… it’s the getting down safely.

In the car on the way home we talked about whether the film put us off climbing Everest, or inspired us. Everyone said they were put off. My Dad and I said we wanted to climb it more than ever.

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